Vinicunca: The Rainbow Mountain of Peru

Rainbow Mountain Peru is one of the most impressive tourist attractions of Ausangate in Cusco – Peru. This is a natural beauty because it is formed of different minerals and colors and shades that form rainbow combination. The magical Rainbow Mountain in such a short time grew becoming the most important tourist attraction in the Cusco region and Peru. Although it has been promoted in such a short time and is the most frequently visited tourist attraction in Peru apart from Machu Picchu.

Thousands of travelers from all over the world come to appreciate its natural colors and take pictures. Being here is also to feel the purity of the Andes surrounded by the snow-capped Apu Ausangate. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine recognized it as one of the 100 tourist attractions in the world that you should see before you die. It really is a wonder Vinicunca.

Location of Vinicunca

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru is located south of the city of Cusco between the provinces of Canchis and Quispicanchis, in the middle of two villages Chillihuani and Ccayrahuire. The summit of Vinicunca is the point of separation of these two villages and is close to the snow-capped ausangate. It has two access points: Cusipata and Pitumarca.

Coordinates: 13°52′10″S 71°18′11″.
Longitude W 71°18’12.765
Mountain range: de los andes

Origin Etymology

Winincunca is a Quechua word that means hill with a narrow neck that borders two towns. Vinicunca mountain peak with narrow neck.

Elevation of Rainbow Mountain Peru

Rainbow Mountain Peru is located at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level (16404.2), approximately.

Temperature and Climate

The climate in Vinicunca due to its location in the Andean mountain range and at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, the climate is dry and frigid.

Temperature in Rainbow Mountain Peru varies according to the season between the months of May and August the temperature reaches at night -15° below zero presence of frost the average annual sunny temperature varies between 9 and 13 ° C. In the months of December and April Rainbow Mountain Peru is maintained with rain and cloudiness in some occasions snowfall.

Rainbow Mountain Peru was discovered as a tourist attraction.
Rainbow Mountain Peru was discovered as a tourist attraction by the Peruvian touristologist: Rogers Martin Valencia Espinoza in 2016 was the one who put in the eyes of the world this wonder.

We also have narrations of the villagers this place was covered with snow until the 70’s since then little by little the snow was disappearing with global warming thus was discovered a natural wonder in Vinicunca, once it was promoted since then 2300 people visit in low season and in high season reaches an approximate 3000 people daily is a tourist influx.

Flora and fauna of the Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain and Apu Ausangate are arid landscapes but they are places where camelids camelids such as the vicuña, llama and alpaca inhabit. It will be very difficult to see a vicuña but with a little time and if you are lucky you can see them, and if you are lucky you can see wild animals and you can also observe ichu or paja species in small quantities.

Ausangate: Near to Vinicunca: Rainbow Mountain Peru
  • Flora: ichu or paja
  • Fauna: vicuña llama, alpacas, vizcachas.

How to get to Rainbow Mountain?

To get to Rainbow Mountain Peru we have 2 access points Cusipata and Pitumarca you can take any of these 2 options.

By Cusipata

This is one of the shortest ways to get to the Rainbow Mountain Peru to
to get to the Rainbow Mountain Peru to get there we have to take a car from the city of cusco asphalt road to the asphalted until arriving to Cusipata district.

Time of duration 3 hours in mobility urban service these companies have point of departure in huayrurupata and point of arrival to the district of cusipata the service that brindad is not tourist the service is for the local inhabitants that live in town of cusipata chillihuani are neighboring towns of Vinicunca there is option to take this service value of transport 6 soles for service of this section.

District of cusipata until arriving to the starting point of the
This stretch is a rustic road, not asphalted, and it is 1 hour uphill.

To take a bus you can get in Cusipata are cars or combis that provide transportation services to the locals who live in these villages surrounding Rainbow Mountain Peru

Value of transport fare is 10 to 15 soles to the town of chillihuani or to the beginning of the hike.

However, this is not the best option to get to Rainbow Mountain Peru. You can take private transportation from Cusco under the advice of a travel agency.

Restaurants in Cusipata

There are restaurants in the village of Cusipata now with a lot of tourist
There are options of tourist restaurants with basic service.

In the village of Chillihuani there is no tourist restaurant, there are only local restaurant for the local inhabitants

By Pitumarca – Checacupe

To visit Rainbow Mountain Peru now we reach another access to reach this natural wonder through the district of pitomarca through the Cusipata cusco route. Putumarca now you will not get off by cusispata but we will advance to reach checacupe pitumarca once here in pitumarca you can visit its traditional fair in the square we will go down to know or take pictures to this very traditionalist town in fabrics.

Travel time Cusco Pitumarca 3:30 in urban transport service with private transport 3:00 hours Cost of ticket in urban transport 7 soles Cusco Checacupe

Once here you can get another collective transport that will take us uphill to the town chillca or cayrahuire high travel time 1:30 cost per transport 20 soles this way is rustic road.

Once we arrive at the end of the trail corro sable this is where the road ends now we have to get ready the backpacks the walking sticks to be able to walk pay your entrance fee (10.00 soles, foreign tourist; and 10.00 soles, national tourist).walking distance 4 kilometers to reach Rainbow Mountain Peru where this natural wonder awaits you The walking time, for this road uphill 2 hours uphill and downhill 2 hours approximately.

In its early years this route was the main access to the mountain of colors now since 2018 opened new route by cusipata and is the main access for its proximity to reach and also the hike is short distance.

With a travel agency

For the distance and degree of difficulty, to get to Rainbow Mountain Peru is highly recommended to make the views with a travel agency one for its organization of transportation, food, guided, and payment of income when everything is organized and you will have no worries. When everything is organized you will have no worries, your only mission is to enjoy your trip.

The price: you can find from 70 soles around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco there are price options but improved service varies from 80 soles to 150 soles per person, it is important the price difference, since that depends on the service.

The problem with the lower (cheap) prices is that the service is generally bad, the transportation is in old cars, the food is not good, the guide is not professional, etc. Compared to formal agencies, they have better services and better guides.

There are options for private services, prices vary from $80 to $200 per person all inclusive, if you like your privacy it is recommended that you hire this service.

We will be happy to provide you with a quality service, we are Mario Expeditions, you can book the Rainbow Mountain Day tour with us.

Distance from Cusco to the Rainbow Mountain by the 2 ways

To get there fast everything will depend on the route you choose.
on the route you choose, the distance between Cusco and the Rainbow Mountain will vary as follows
as follows:

  • 1: Cusipata Route: Distance cusco Cusipata (78 KM) cusipata- chillihuani (48 km)
  • 2: Pitumarca Route: Distance Cusco Pitumarca (105 km) Pitumarca – cayrahuire (63 km)

Difficulty of the trekking

The trek to the Rainbow Mountain in Peru has a moderate difficulty.

The hike is light with steep trajectory here the problem is not with the hike but with the altitude of 3300 masl we will descend until we reach 5000 masl.


  • Take medicine for altitude sickness
  • We recommend altivital or soroche plus for more information you can consult
  • Your doctor now if you come from low sea level is advisable to take
  • Oxishot and drink coca tea.

Horses at Rainbow Mountain Peru

There are riding horses for rent, it is advisable to use the horses if you can not walk with this help you will not have problems to get to know this natural wonder.

Prices of the horses

The prices vary up and down 80 soles and only down 50 soles you also have options to take horses in the middle of the hike the prices are no longer the same, they go down because of the distance.

Restaurants in Vinicunca

There are no restaurants in Vinicunca or the surrounding area. Every tourist that visits Vinicunca once they make the trek returns to the district of Cusipata for lunch.

Best time to go to Rainbow Mountain Peru

Visiting the 7 color mountain has no limitations because of the altitude or the distance, you just have to choose the best time of the year for the season:

Recommended the months of (May – November) in this season you will not have problems with rain and you will find clear sunny.

Months of December – April: in these months you can also visit Rainbow Mountain Peru but because of the rainy season your trip may not be as expected due to rain and fogs that fall a lot.

Rear more about Best time go to Rainbow Mountain of Peru.

What to take to Rainbow Mountain Peru?

Since you are leaving the city to the heart of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Ideally, you should bring with you:

  • Identification document, passport: these documents
  • These documents will be necessary to get to this tourist attraction.
  • Cash: It is necessary to carry cash preferably in soles currency because in this part there are no bank tellers or ATM or exchange house so in emergencies it will be very helpful to have cash to pay for entrances to tourist attractions Rainbow Mountain Peru cost (10 soles) is worth red 10 soles.
  • Sun block: have a good sun block as the sun rays here are strong, sunglasses, wide brimmed hat and raincoats (in the rainy season).
  • Coat, gloves, windbreaker, trekking pants and trekking shoes.
  • Camera with extra battery.

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